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I at times feel what destiny just played with me, but then I realize, it was all read more

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This story is about myself. I had a dream to pursue MBA and finally did that with read more

5     1.8K    533    62

A story about Birbal, the Wise from Akbar's read more

1     24.3K    129    63

Seeing the Three Bears standing over her, Goldilocks imagined herself to be in great read more

1     24.4K    62    64

The story of a woman experiencing a relationship gone bad and the battles within. read more

19     25.3K    635    65

A beautiful story about caring for aged read more

12     18.0K    242    66

I could have made some small talk with her like about her favorite author or read more

15     22.1K    230    67

She had a funny feeling as she listened to the teacher eulogize her at the school read more

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Twisted Fates
© Ashwat Jain

Crime Drama +1

Irene woke with a start. She had just dreamt of....her read more

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The shopkeeper gave the copy of the bill and after Brian got the bill, said thank read more

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In life, you can’t always have things you love...but you can of course learn to love read more

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I stand up and square my shoulders. It doesn’t do for the Queen of Jardin to be read more

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It was a perfect plot by Tanya - to sneak in the long-wished moments of freedom in read more

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© Smita Dwarikavasi

Crime Horror +1

When she entered the room of Vaibhavi, she screamed. Thakur Saab, Thakur Saab. read more

8     252    4    74

God's Own Child
© Vikram Singh

Children Inspirational

a touching tale narrated by a special child fighting autism but not losing read more

6     20.3K    316    75

She was scared as there was a big red colour stain on her read more

5     43.1K    267    76

When Billy screamed again, the German’s mouth opened up in a read more

12     17.8K    223    77

Now you know, sometimes the way we look upon things; our perspectives may not be read more

18     4.3K    183    78

It was the 23rd of April, summer. It was like any other day, but, for me, it was read more

6     3.1K    170    79

I’m sure you think Rapunzel is the heroine and Mother Gothel is the villain of the read more

25     1.8K    169    80

A story of witches and wizards in a wizardry school a la Harry Potter and read more

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We tend to learn each and every day from every instance that we live and face in our read more

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Adventures of a team who help a king find out who stole his golden apples from the read more

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But you know, life without a problem is itself is a big read more

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Nishtha and I were friends since the play group. We grew together, shared the same read more

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But in a corner untouched by the voice of worry sat a beggar child with his mother. read more

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Discovering The Undiscovered
© Anuva Maheshwari

Children Stories Tragedy +1

Life is unexpected and you never know what will happen to read more

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The charterers were making noise and so was the Captain. Everybody was hard pressed read more

5     6.4K    618    88

It was like a dam had broken inside of me and everything was pouring out onto paper, read more

12     24.5K    111    89

Amahle’s mother was so relieved to see her son safe. But the first thing she asked read more

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