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The days I never want to remember “Mommy I’m hungry!!” This was me screaming at my read more

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The Shadow
© Tarannum Khatana

Classics Drama +1

But I was nothing, a no one. Possessed average skills but was not perfect, a state read more

6     14.0K    588    7387

She walked in, looking stunning. He stared at her with an open mouth. She gave him read more

2     14.0K    623    7694

Dried Flowers
© Surmayi Khatana

Abstract Crime +1

He lay the dried flowers down onto the cold cement. It had worked out well, it had read more

2     13.5K    537    8519

My life started the day I met you: 13 June, 2009. The first thing I noticed about read more

3     937    24    5644

Travel diary of my road trip to Mumbai and read more

17     2.7K    526    8882

Where is read more

4     28.1K    589    5088

© R Roopesh Kumar

Crime Thriller

The officer, who had fulfilled the task on the ground, confirmed that three menaces read more

5     14.1K    720    5202

The Letter
© R Roopesh Kumar

Romance Tragedy

Dear Rose, Its been a while since we had a proper conversation, and I am sad that read more

2     27.5K    572    6841

Life is unpredictable. Blink your eyes and the next moment you realize you are in read more

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Her cries echo in silent corridors bustling with animalistic energies, In gory crime read more

1     14.0K    589    7660

© Kanika Modi


She slips in the shadows too dark for her light aura In the wings waiting for you to read more

2     26.5K    617    6342

© Mohit Munjal

Children Drama

Don't you give me that fright And I know everything will be read more

2     13.4K    563    8294

Tale Of Pursuit
© Gaurav Pal


TALE OF read more

8     13.7K    485    8300

The Prom Day
© Sahil Amar


Just saying isn’t important; everything should be felt by read more

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Be it keertan or lavish weddings you can play music at deafening decibels you can read more

3     2.7K    479    8889

We Die Once
© Ranjana Singh

Abstract Fantasy

We say we live once but according to me we live everyday every moment and every read more

1     2.8K    562    8881

The turmoil and the feelings during that first touch, that first read more

2     13.8K    661    6967

Nothing is ever more special than the first love and the first kiss. Here is a story read more

2     14.3K    642    7432

The story about how a daughter grows up to fulfil her mother's aspirations and read more

10     27.7K    567    7340

 It is my hope that I will be able to contribute in my little way to the upliftment read more

2     13.2K    621    8316

To Live After Life
© Ayesha Naikodi

Horror Thriller +1

I saw them fall down on their knees, as if too weak to hold the weight of their read more

2     13.7K    601    8318

© Pratik Dash


All the happiness and the gloominess is inside us and what we see and feel outside read more

3     27.3K    592    6839

Reason to read more

6     27.1K    654    5688

The Jog
© Aswin Madhu

Horror Thriller +1

When Rose rekindled her old joys of being a family with her mother, does she get read more

9     26.6K    515    7629

The Stalker
© Aswin Madhu

Inspirational Thriller

A story from the eyes of the stalker which infolds unexpectedly. But was he a read more

6     27.6K    442    6863

The Brothers
© Aswin Madhu

Drama Fantasy +1

Ontoya was scared now. What Njubwe had said was right. They were not real brothers. read more

6     41.1K    672    2616

© Madhumitha Chandrasekhar

Fantasy Romance +1

"And for a moment I forgot that I read more

1     13.8K    598    8319

The Promise
© Nikita Sharma

Drama Classics +1

For the promise of love transcends read more

2     13.6K    692    6379

How could he even do this and why did he do it” the thought gushed in my mind but read more

1     13.8K    588    7974