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© Riti Verma


a a a a . a a a . a read more

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Are you still going to remain as a clandestine woman? Buck up GORGEOUS! Show your read more

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Ramya's husband was annoyed by her snoring as he was read more

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Her heart was having a lot more to say to all her classmates AND teachers, but all read more

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She felt Prithwi has changed a lot in these two months. He wasn't that Prithwi, who read more

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That night Aditi was all alone in her room. She was aimlessly looking at the sky read more

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A Mistake!
© sakshi chauhan

Drama Romance

I was the creep of the college..the stud..and rich spoilt guy. One woman at a time read more

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Door Of Love
© zappster __

Drama Romance

A father shares the story of his lady love to his read more

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The story of Iqbal and Shanaya and their undying read more

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It was that time of the year again and Sheela could not prevent her mind traversing read more

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A story of teenage romance, separation, and read more

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Our Snowoana’s story doesn’t have a defined plot structure with many twists and read more

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The last time someone said they loved me and I loved them back, they’d poured a pot read more

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Varieya and Gaurav had traveled thousand and thousand kilometres from the village, read more

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Love for me was a foreign entity. I never believed in the power of love or I can read more

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Is it love? Rhea is still unaware of what place the loved stranger holds in her read more

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Rashi And Space: Willy
© Manaswi Kishorenath

Children Stories Fantasy

“I have known historical life all my life! Especially in space!” said Willy Thompson read more

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The siren of the police van, the bell of the fire brigade, the search dog squad’s read more

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Writing, to you, my love made my days lovelier and my nights a little less lonely. I read more

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The first time I saw her I wanted to talk but I am so shy I don't even know how to read more

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This short story is about a girl who is talkative, flirtatious and irresponsible and read more

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I need you to listen and listen carefully love. It’s the new year and you’ve finally read more

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Hidden Imbalances
© Anusha Sridharan

Children Stories Drama +1

Only Bonnie knew what Lana was going through. It was a tough time for both of them. read more

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Sitting beside the lakeside with these chiming anklets and adornments never ceases read more

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It was a night of cold. I was out with my friends, we went to a fast-food read more

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Durga Puja
© Nikita Bansal

Children Stories Others

DURGA PUJA!!! A festival which every Bengali waits for throughout the year be it the read more

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© Sakshi Mishra

Drama Romance

I had been in a relationship but it did not work. One day I found that is his read more

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Anuradha lost her father when she was just twelve years old. It was a very sad phase read more

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New Indra
© Prity Jha

Children Stories Classics +1

When Lord Brahma came to know of this destruction caused by Indra's anger, He read more

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It was an arranged marriage, but I had no complaints. He was good for me. At least read more

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