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Don't indulge that much in yourself that you did not give effective time to your read more

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The Phoenix
© Chiranjib Mazumdar

Drama Inspirational

That day he did not win any prizes, did not win any contest, but he had defeated the read more

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Four Fingers
© anuradha nazeer

Abstract Children Stories

"That's the difference between truth and falsehood, your Majesty," said read more

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The story about the prediction of read more

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My Tirumala Sojourn
© Kalyani S

Children Stories Drama +1

When travel is within your radar and the Lord of 7 hills summons you, then the read more

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The story shows the excitement of shopping and the merit of a credit read more

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Sanjay Kumar was an ordinary man with a loving wife and two read more

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Donations are just a mode of social read more

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© Vadiraja Mysore Srinivasa

Romance Inspirational +1

You are a very brave girl Bhumi. On the day of marriage, I remember you telling your read more

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The table was beautifully laid. Maya spent her day in the kitchen preparing the read more

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I was always against this read more

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And I was no one but a mother. I was no one but a daughter. I was no one but a read more

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Believe In Yourself
© Muthu1986 Samy

Drama Inspirational

Many days he thought: "I will give up and go back to my job" but in the morning as read more

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She wanted to have her mother's company but she was too busy attending so many read more

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Amidst those anxious looking people, you could easily spot the weathered yet calm read more

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It has been a wonderful year in my life, in my son's life, in our family life, and read more

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Never judge anyone by their read more

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The Heaven - Koraput
© Patitapaban Pani

Abstract Children Stories +1

This place is truly nature's read more

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A question that always stuck to a person's mind is "consideration of someone read more

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This story is about a woman enjoying her Christmas by serving the read more

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History has a tendency to repeat itself. As memory fades, events from the past can read more

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Riley had left early, before I woke up. She had left a note on the table that she read more

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I've learned to be patient, decent, not hostile, loving & caring here only. The read more

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Love changes everything but this love, this passion was of most different read more

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Stuffed, Oh Dear!
© Asha Palo

Drama Inspirational +1

I prepared the authentic dish 'Stuffed Brinjal ' . read more

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Fear - one of the nine emotions has always played a prominent role in our read more

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A story of Mr. Bean and his whiskey thief Mr. read more

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Lockdown is starting to affect a lot of read more

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Who Is To Be Blamed?

Drama Inspirational

Sometimes, we don't cover our major syllabus of life and blame God, system, destiny read more

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It was glittering in the early morning sun rays seeping through the thick branches read more

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