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The Dark Room
© Achal Mayukh

Drama Tragedy

A striking story about the shock that children go through on getting news about the read more

3     44.1K    453    1

© Shiv Vashisthsharma

Crime Inspirational +1

Losing father at the age of nine and taking up all the responsibilities of her read more

7     42.8K    329    2

Patients of Kleptomania do not consider theft as something wrong. In fact it is a read more

8     42.3K    405    3

And now, I realized the fact of fantasy that I am just a new born baby to this read more

3     43.5K    142    4

The Clown's Ghost
© Taniya Roy

Horror Thriller +1

“We are destined to meet.” The ominous sneer, the raised eyebrows, the read more

6     71.8K    136    5

A Journey Through the Evolution of 5000 Year Old Traditions in 500 pages

How do you know you are alive; does a body know its dead...does the soul live read more

23     41.2K    72    6

The white kid was noticed to be wearing a small gown and had no hair on head or read more

6     42.8K    155    7

As usual, Dad also said that “I hope you have not made him a PHIRANGI”. He also read more

9     40.9K    183    8

We can stop killing each other in the name of cast and religion. We can feed the read more

11     27.7K    258    9

A thought provoking story about different yardsticks and gender bias of the read more

10     61.5K    26    10

I was furious, yet inquisitive about this baffling girl who texted me mostly after I read more

14     42.0K    61    11

She had again had the same nightmare which had been haunting her since few years! read more

6     41.7K    43    12

God's Own Child
© Vikram Singh

Children Inspirational

a touching tale narrated by a special child fighting autism but not losing read more

6     41.4K    125    13

a unique story depicting emotions of intense passion in a very subtle read more

19     42.6K    118    14

a nice story depicting the struggles of a middle class read more

3     23.4K    391    15

A fascinating story of twin sisters with special powers who are separated, only to read more

42     41.0K    44    16

I completed my story without realizing the drop of tear coming out my eyes. My read more

17     44.2K    126    17

A giant building… The white walls and the blue boundaries form its read more

4     50.4K    109    18

India's biggest ever writing challenge for all college students across streams and geographies.

© Nirav Bhatt


The crowd again rose to a thunderous applause this time with a standing read more

7     42.1K    92    19

Let us hope that this short film helps to bring a read more

5     42.4K    89    20

I would have been happy as long as it was not a definitive no. In this case, a read more

15     42.3K    86    21

Not everything that shines is read more

5     40.2K    69    22

It was getting late enough to be worried. I once again stepped into the balcony and read more

7     43.7K    76    23

He used to talk us in every 7 days, He was among those who cares for my mom very read more

3     61.4K    14    24

A beautiful story about caring for aged read more

12     41.7K    51    25

A Lost Toy
© Anuradha Thakur

Drama Tragedy

A woman realises that she is needs to be thankful for all the blessings in her life read more

4     41.8K    69    26

A story about life, death, emotions and the will to attain the most basic of read more

4     62.1K    21    27

I could have made some small talk with her like about her favorite author or read more

15     41.0K    39    28

She had a funny feeling as she listened to the teacher eulogize her at the school read more

10     41.9K    38    29

For any relation to flourish and nurture, the most important factor that ensures read more

7     41.4K    32    30