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Smruti Kulkarni   AUTHOR OF THE YEAR 2019 - NOMINEE

Smruti was born and brought up in India. She is an engineer by education. After her Bachelors in Engineering in India, she worked as a Software Engineer in Bangalore for a few years, before moving to the USA. She spent a couple of years in the US and then decided to move to France to pursue an international MBA. She completed her MBA in Marketing in Paris, and since then, she has been living and working in France with her husband and her daughter. She works full time as an Innovation strategist in Paris. During her free time she writes stories, illustrates, sings and learns music with her daughter. Smruti is a passionate storyteller, and aspires to tell her stories to the world! Smruti has previously published 2 Short Story collections on Amazon leveraging the Create Space Publishing platform – “Tear of Joy: Food for the Soul” and “Happily Ever After”. Out of the 2 books, one of her books “Tear of Joy” has been translated into French by Nourjehan Viney, a published French Author. Other published work includes – “Mily & Friends” and “Mily and the Vitamins” which are both children’s fiction stories that are written and illustrated by Smruti, with her daughter Siya. read more

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