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Muskan Aneja   AUTHOR OF THE YEAR 2019 - NOMINEE

Hi there! These works of mine represent hours of writing,scrapping ideas,making new ones and finally penning them down;all of this done in hope to reach your hearts through my work. I hope while reading my stories and poems you go through the same emotions that i went through while writing them. Talking about me for a minute, i am a creative individual who loves to come up with new ideas and just express herself on a blank paper.I am also an aspiring artist who wants to show the world who i truly am. At the same time ,keeping all things aside, my one very important goal in life is to be an MIT graduate in computer science. i'm a true fangirl whose fandoms include harry potter,hunger games,the magi and many many more! Please do take out some of your time to go through my work.If you like it please do support it ; if you dont,thank u for taking the efforts to read my work! Hope my work appeals to y'all,after all writers are solely defined by their readers. So thats it! congrats you have finally survived this long bio:) Happy reading! read more

  Literary Brigadier

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